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Weather forecast

June 23, 2022
Afbeelding voor Weather forecast
Please check the information below

Weather forecast thunder

Due to the weather forecast as provided to us today, we decided to keep the schedules and program as they are. We are expecting rain but non or a very little change of thunder. The ECSG is all about participating together so we want to keep on going with our competitions as much as possible.

In case of thunder

Competitions are temporarily suspended in case of a thunderstorm. All participants will be guided to a indoor location until the thunderstorm passes. If possible, the matches will be restarted, with a maximum delay of 1 hour. The time schedule for the shuttle buses back to Papendal will be delayed in case of a temporarily suspending.
The venue managers will decide whether or not to suspend and restart the competition. Our safety coordinator will stay up to date about the weather forecast and will inform the venue managers when necessary.

Program remains

Unless otherwise notified, the program and dinner for tonight and tomorrow at Papendal will continue according to the current times.


We advise you to prepare yourself for the rain tomorrow. Bring a set of dry clothing and don’t forget to bring rain gear.