Voorwaarden deelnemer

  1. I confirm that I am in an appropriate physical and mental condition and possess any required skills to participate in the event. I am nevertheless aware, that my participation involves a certain degree of risk. Therefore, I confirm that neither the organiser of the event (Gelderland 2021 B.V.), nor the Dutch Federation (Stichting Nederland Onderneemt Maatschappelijk) nor the European Federation Company Sport (EFCS) nor any of its related companies are to blame in any way if I get injured. I am in possession of a valid personal liability insurance and personal accident insurance that cover my participation. If I cause damage to anyone else or their property, I will accept the responsibility and will make sure that the organiser, Gelderland 2021 B.V. or any of its related companies will not incur any damage in this regard.
  2. I agree to comply with the organiser’s rules of competition and safety and follow any instructions for my own good and everybody else’s. I have checked my equipment (if applicable) which is in good working order, properly maintained and suitable for the event and I’m aware that I’ll only be allowed to take part after a positive on-site inspection and/or safety check. My participation may at any time be refused by the organiser Gelderland 2021 B.V. or the EFCS.
  3. Gelderland 2021 B.V. or such third parties as it may authorize from time to time will be entitled to capture and use audio recordings, video recordings and photographs (“Material”), from the Event and to use my name, image, voice, appearance, performance and biographical Material for any purpose (be it commercial, promotional or otherwise) in all media, forever.
  4. Gelderland 2021 B.V. will be enabled to use, broadcast, screen, display, reproduce and/or make available to the public the material in any and all media, including but not limited to radio, television, cinemas, events, data carriers and the worldwide web. Gelderland 2021 B.V. will be entitled to make any alterations, intermissions, cuts or other modifications in and to the material and to use such altered material without restrictions. I know that I won’t have the right to approve any of the material. I understand that I might not be named as a participant in the Event and do not expect to gain financially from my appearance in any Event-related Material.
  5. If not stated otherwise Gelderland 2021 B.V. allows me to use my own camera at the event in order to record moving images and/or a series of still images/ shoot content (“Participant Content”). The use of such Participant Content is limited to private purposes meaning on my own website and my social media channels. I understand that Gelderland 2021 B.V. holds the intellectual property and media rights in the event and upon request I will provide Gelderland 2021 B.V. access to the Participant Content. Any commercial use either by myself or third parties is subject to Gelderland 2021 B.V.´s prior consent.
  6. I confirm that I am aware that my registration fee will be refunded with deduction of a €75 administration fee if in any case the event is cancelled of postponed due to unforeseen circumstances. Costs for hotels and their cancellation policy is included in the General terms and conditions – accommodation.
  7. After the registration has been confirmed, it will only be possible to cancel the registration in writing, and the following cancellation provisions will apply.
    Cancellation until 30-01-2022 0% payment
    Cancellation between January 31st, 2022 and March 13th, 2022: 50% owed
    Cancellation from March 14th, 2022: 100% owed