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Newsletter 2

October 5, 2021
Afbeelding voor Newsletter 2

The summer holidays are over and things are slowly getting back to normal. We’re going to the office a bit more frequently and it’s getting a easier to go out for something fun. The Covid-19 pandemic has made us even more aware of how important exercise is. Vitality in the workplace has certainly become clear after working from home a lot. It’s time to get moving again with your colleagues. And what could be a nicer way to start by registering for Europe’s largest corporate sporting event? Watch the video of the European Company Sport Games 2022 below to get an idea of what to expect!


Bring vitality back to the workspace!


Limited number of participants

The number of participants in the following disciplines are limited: badminton, beach volleyball, bowling, golf, shooting and table tennis. Would you like to participate in one of these sports? Please contact your National Business Sports Federation. They can provide you with precise information about the applicable limits per sport.


Introduction: Province of Gelderland

Jan Markink, deputy at the province of Gelderland: ’’Welcome to Gelderland! We are proud that the European Company Sport Games 2022 are coming to Gelderland. Here we are working on a healthy, clean, safe and prosperous Gelderland. Events actively contribute to this. It is not only about the power of sport, but also about the wave of enthusiasm and sporting energy that radiates from it. For example, the start of the Giro d’Italia 2016 and the 2021 BMX World Championships took place in our province. As a province, we are happy to contribute to making these wonderful events possible. Because with sport we get the best and most beautiful out of Gelderland!’’


World Company Sport Games

Naturally, vitality and exercise in the workplace is important. Not only within Europe but also beyond. That’s why the World Company Sport Games will be held in Athens this week. Here, together with the participants, a fresh start will be made in the company sport competition. After a long period of silence due to the pandemic, it is finally time to start exercising again worldwide. We would like to wish the organization and the participants good luck and a lot of fun of course during this edition of the WCSG! And keep an eye on their socials below for more information.


NK Company Sport Table Tennis

In the Netherlands, company sports and competitive sports are slowly picking up again. We all feel the need to work up a sweat.That’’s why the 2nd edition of the National Championship Company Table Tennis will be held on Sunday 24 October in the Netherlands. A great moment for the participants to warm up for the ECSG 2022!


Want to know more about the ECSG2022?

The European Company Sport Games are aimed at bringing employees together and moving together in competition. This can be done with a whole group of colleagues or on your own. Ultimately, it’s all about bringing vitality back to the workplace. We all know that health and sport are very important. Would you like to learn more about the ECSG? Take a look at the website and subsribe to our newsletter!