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Newsletter 3

November 22, 2021
Afbeelding voor Newsletter 3

The World Company Sport Games have taken place and it was the first big event since COVID-19 is in our lives. Finally! We and the participants enjoyed it. Now it’s time for the European version to take place. Sporting and exercising together with colleagues has become very important. Due to the corona pandemic, we have found out that we need to exercise more. The European Company Sport Games support this initiative. By preparing for and participating in the event, you can train together with colleagues, improve the team spirit and it’s easy to network during the ECSG 2022.



Important information about transport

Transport for the 2022 edition of the European Company Sport Games will be different from previous years. Unlike other years the 2022 edition will not be held in one city. The games are spread over multiple cities in the province of Gelderland. This means there will be a transportation system with shuttles between accommodations, venues and the main hub of the ECSG; National Training Centre Papendal. These shuttles are available exclusively for those who book their accommodations via the organization of the ECSG 2022. There will be no public transport arranged via the organization. Transport is only included when booking via the organization. Check here to read more about transport.


Introduction: Achterhoek in beweging (in movement)

Since the start, Achterhoek in Movement has grown into a network of 8 municipalities from the region Achterhoek and more than 16 strategic partners who want to use sports and exercise for a society in which everyone stays healthy and in which everyone can participate. The power of sport, exercise and a healthy lifestyle in the Achterhoek is key. Because a healthy lifestyle gives energy and contributes to a pleasant living and working climate. The ability to do sports and exercise ensures that there are enough places in the Achterhoek to meet each other, to learn, to relax and to take on challenges. Together we get the Achterhoek in motion, at which we work together regionally and implement locally.


Why join next year?

Off course, vitality and exercise in the workplace are important. It also brings in the fun to train together with your colleagues towards a goal, in this case the European Company Sport Games. In contrast to previous editions, this year will be held in a province instead of one city. The province of Gelderland is known for it’s nature parks and wide areas. Peace, nature and sport come together during the 2022 edition of the ECSG. Enjoy a beautiful environment while you hold up the honor of your company. The different host cities and regions are ready to welcome you and deliver an unforgettable edition. Take action together with your colleagues, register and start training for the European Company Sport Games of 2022. And enjoy a spectacular edition next year in a beautiful environment!


Introduction: Arnhem