Arnhem is located in the heart of the Netherlands and is easily accessible by both car and public transport. Most sports take place at the National Olympic sports center Papendal.

The transportation for the 2022 edition of the European Company Sport Games will be different from previous years. Unlike other years the 2022 edition will not be held in one city. The games are spread over multiple cities in the province of Gelderland. This means there will be a transportation system with shuttles between accommodations, venues and the main hub of the ECSG; National Training Centre Papendal. These shuttles are available exclusively for those who book their accommodations via the organization of the ECSG 2022.

Transport via organization

The ECSG shuttles run between the overnight accommodations selected by the organization and the main hub Papendal. From Papendal the buses go to the various sport locations. Of course, these buses drive back to Papendal and from there back to the accommodations. The shuttles run all day until the end of the evening program.

Because the 2022 edition is held in different cities, the organization chose to arrange their own transportation instead of using public transport. This means that the public transport won’t be free of use during the Games in the Province of Gelderland. The shuttles will drive between the official event accommodations, Papendal and the sport venues. This means you can only use the ECSG transport shuttles if you booked your accommodation via the organization.

Broad choice of official event accommodations

Accommodations are available for different budgets and group sizes. They range from simple hostels to holiday bungalows and comfortable hotel rooms. The transportation fee is included in the accommodation fee, so no additional charges when you book your accommodation via the organization. We would highly recommend to use these shuttles so you don’t have any concerns about how to travel to any of the locations.

By own transport

It is possible for participants to come to the ECSG 2022 with their own transport. We understand that this will be more attractive to the countries close to the Netherlands, instead of coming by plane. There are plenty of parking spots available at all the sport venues. If you come by touring bus, no problem but please give us a heads up via our email.

Direct transport between accommodation – sport venues


If you have any more questions about the event or transport, please go to our FAQ or contact us via our email. You can find Bulletin 2 here and all other information about the European Company Sport Games. You can subscribe to the newsletter on the homepage to stay up to date. And don’t forget to follow our social channels for some sneak previews about the event.