Arnhem is located in the heart of the Netherlands and is easily accessible by both car and public transport. Most sports take place at the National Olympic sports center Papendal.

 Participants are driven from Papendal to the other play locations via buses. Transport to and from the sports locations is included for participants who book their accommodation through the organization. More information about this transport will follow later.


Arnhem is close to several airports:

The Netherlands
Amsterdam Airport Schiphol110 km northwest of Arnhem
Eindhoven Airport85 km southwest of Arnhem
Maastricht Aachen Airport156 km south of Arnhem


Weeze Airport80 southwest of Arnhem
Düsseldorf Airport125 km southwest of Arnhem


Brussels Zeventem Airport80 km southwest of Arnhem



Arnhem central station is a stopover on the Frankfurt Am Main – Amsterdam InterCity Express (ICE) line, as well as the Düsseldorf international slow train (RE 19, by Abellio Rail NRW). Arnhem can also be reached by train from Schiphol station, Eindhoven city station and Maastricht city station.



Arnhem is accessible via various roads. The city is easily accessible from Germany via the A12. From the center of the Netherlands you drive via the A12 and from the south via the A50 towards Arnhem. From the south of Europe it can be reached via the A12 and the A50.