In the part of the province of Gelderland furthest to the East you will find the Achterhoek. The beautiful bocage is typical for this area, offering a diverse decor for many forms of outdoor recreations and sports. In this landscape you will find characteristic villages, cosy cities, old castles, impressive mansions and lovely nature reserves, connected by the excellent route network.

Aside from the beautiful landscape, the Achterhoek is known for its culinary traditions. People here know about good
food. Many restaurants work with products from the region, and you can really taste that. What many people don’t know, is that the Achterhoek is the largest wine region in the Netherlands. About 20 vineyards are scattered over the region, and the wines have won various prizes.

Another surprise is the rich offer of museums in the area. Whether you like prestigious art or would like to know more about history: the museums of the Achterhoek contain beautiful stories. Get on your bicycle and take in the beautiful area, explore the idyllic villages on foot or relax on the water. So much variation, that is the Achterhoek!