Papendal, the heart of Dutch top sport

All sports of the European Company Sport Games 2022 will take place in Arnhem and the surrounding area. Most sports take place at the National Olympic Training Center Papendal, the home base of Dutch top sport. The place to get the best out of yourself and enjoy all the sports around you.

Hidden in the forests of the Veluwe, on the edge of Arnhem, is National Olympic Training Center Papendal. This fantastic sports location is used daily by more than 400 top athletes. The complex covers a whopping 160 hectares and offers a wide variety of indoor and outdoor sports accommodations. Not only top athletes are welcome, but recreational athletes also know where to find Papendal. In addition, many foreign top athletes like to use the multifunctional and internationally oriented training center.

Papdendal is de hoofdlocatie van de European Company Sport Games Arnhem2021